Utilizing experiential-based learning strategies and bridging theory with practice, Jenn is able to work with organizations and individuals to craft tailored workshops, individual or team coaching, day-long in-services, and weekend retreats.

Rates are available on a sliding scale and vary by project. If you’re interested in learning more about my rates, please submit a formal request form via Google Forms.

Below is a sample of topics from Jenn’s experience:

  • Interrupting racial and gender microaggressions in the workplace or classroom
  • DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) organizational capacity building and structural change
  • Social identity and bias exploration
  • Identifying and addressing bias
  • Understanding and Addressing Emotional Labor in the Workplace
  • White Supremacy Culture in Academia & Racial equity practices
  • Surviving and Repairing Toxic Workplaces
  • Inclusive and accessible language and practices in the workplace and in workshop facilitation
  • Inclusive leadership and management practices
  • Addressing and shifting campus climate
  • Racial identity development for bi- and multiracial students
  • Equity Practices in Supervising and Managing
  • Bullet Journaling for mental health and wellness